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Online Password Generator

Strong Password Generator helps us to generate unqiue password each time.
As a human being we are thinking easy password in our mind for
example mostly people choosing their password which is
combination of his/her Name & Date of birth or Mobile
number. Which are easy to crack in todays life.

As we know hacking is major issue in our digital life.
To keep save our data online we need strong passwords.

Here we are providing you a strong password generator online .
Click on Generate Password Button to get your password ready.

You can choose password length, By default we checked
Numbers , Symbols and uppercase to make password strong.

Strong Password Generator

This tool can generate secure, strong, random passwords. This tool is 100% secure and password is also very unique. A password may be combination of characters, numbers and special symbols. Password is used to secure our data from unauthorized access. Password must be strong. We have multiple account or login id and their password.

We recommend you to choose different password for different account and don't use same password for long time. Password must be update/change after 2-3 months. This practice make your date more secure.

How to create a secure password:

To generate a secure password can be achieved by following certain rules that are designed to increase password security. First point is don't use more common password like welcome@1234, password, welcome, 1234, 0000.

Second is use your name & date of birth as a password because mostly people doing the same mistake and these passwords are very easy to guess.

Below are some rules that can be used for creating a strong password:

Include lower-case letter(s) [a-z]
Include upper-case letter(s) [A-Z]
Include numbers [0-9]
Include symbols [!@#$%^&*()/

Don't use company or institution name, as well as abbreviations of the name.

Also, recommended that always choose lengthy password. We recommend minimum password length must be 15 character. So our password generator tool by default generate 15 digits alphanumeric password. You can choose password length as your choice.

How to protect your password:

First of all stop saving your password in your mobile as contact details. Because generally people are saved their password in mobile's contact list.

Second recommendation is to don't write your password anywhere. Keep try to remember all your password in your mind.

Third point the most important point is don't save your password in browser. Its most common thing all of us doing.

Fourth point is don't share your password to anyone. Specially on call or sms. Try to another way.

Last point is don't write / save your user id & password at same place.

Be safe and secure use our random password generator tool. Its free and online for you.

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