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Loan Calculator helps you to calculate your monthly payment on a loan.
Here we are providing you very fast and easy online free loan calculator.

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Loan is the money Borrow from banks or finance companies or individuals. The borrower is a person who is taking loan.
He is liable to pay interest rate on that loan until it is repaid as well as to repay the principal amount borrowed.

For amortizing loans, the monthly payment formula is:

P=Loan Payment
A= Amount
D=Discount Factor

P=A / D

A = Total loan amount.
D = {[(1 + r)n] - 1} / [r(1 + r)n]

Proper documentation is required for loan. Borrower must required to Mortgage any property paper or valuable thing as security. The interest rate provides an incentive for the lender.

In earlier era Sahukar, Laala and rich people to . they had applied high interest rate on loan. Normally this is a trick to make borrower loan into nonperforming asset. So they can acquire their land as repayment.

But now Banks , third party finance companies are available to give loan. they charge processing fees and applying predefined interest rate . all procedures are very well documentation .

Now instant loan approval and instant loan transfer into your bank account is available. Before applying for loan you must to determine the interest rate and repayment monthly installment and laon amount.

To calculate all your loan related calculation we have developed loan calculator. Use our free online loan calculator tool. Accurate result 100% with satisfaction. You will get exact idea before applying for loan.

Recommended is to make your monthly emi less then 30% of your salary. because you have many other expenditure.

We are taking different loan for different purpose.

Personal Loan: This loan is also known as unsecured loan taken by individuals from a bank or a non-banking financial company (NBFC) to fulfill their personal needs. As we know personal loan is an unsecured loan, therefore your past credit history always plays a important role in the approval of loan.

Car Loan: An auto loan works much the same way as other types of loans. You take out a car loan through bank or a non-banking financial company or the auto dealer where you're getting the car. That banks/non-banking financial company agrees to loan you money to buy the car, and you agree to repay the amount you borrowed through monthly EMI with interest.

Home Loan: A home loan simply means a sum of money borrowed from a financial company or bank to buy a home. The Home loans consist of an adjustable or fixed interest rate & payment terms. The property is mortgaged to the lender as a security till the repayment of the complete loan.

Study Loan: The loan is repaid by the student. Normally, the repayment starts when the study is completed. when the course period is going, the bank charges simple interest rate on the study loan calculate by education loan calculator. The payment of simple interest in the course period lessens the equated monthly installment (EMI) burden on the student for future repayments.

Business Loan: A business loan is a loan specifically taken for business purposes. This loan is specially helps startups as well as well big business men. Use business loan calculator for this purpose.

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